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The Columbia River RV Park located between the Deschutes and John Day and Rivers
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We are located in Rufus, Oregon in the heart of the beautiful Columbia River Gorge. We are easily accessed off I-84 near fishing, hunting, wind surfing, wine tasting, hiking, and water-skiing. We have 58 full hook-up sites and are located in a peaceful, quiet setting. We feature a fish cleaning station, a new Laundromat (the only one in the county), showers, and restrooms. We also offer a vacation rental cabin with a full kitchen that sleeps six. Large enclosed storage units are also available.
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We’re folks who prefer to drive to a city, rather than live in one. Rufus works for us so we decided to park here for a few years. We love the great photo opportunities the area affords and exploring. There is plenty to see and do on day excursions. Plus, the fishin’ is great. No, it’s better than that. It can’t be beat!

We like just about all kinds of fishing, from ultralight pole for bluegill all the way up to a large pole for big salmon. We’re looking forward to giving sturgeon a try. You don’t clean a sturgeon. They’re so big they have to be butchered. We especially love it when the salmon and steelhead start picking up in the Deschutes and John Day rivers. The Deschutes is also world renowned for fly fishing for trout and the John Day has fabulous smallmouth bass fishing as well as large channel cats. We’re learning hot spots.
Our favorite fishing efforts are wading small streams for trout and floating on an alpine lake for whatever might be biting that day. Favorite eats are probably halibut and surprisingly, bluegills. Bluegills are small but they sure are tasty. We also cook a mean slab of salmon.
Folks at the park have been most helpful. Almost all are eager to talk about where to go for this and that, RV’s, grandkids and of course, fishin’. We’re always willing to swap stories and stretch the truth about the big ones that got away.
We’ll do our best to make sure your stay is a good one and hopefully, by the time you have to leave, you’ll already be looking forward to coming back. We’ll be looking forward to seeing you.
Or better yet, why not stay. That’s what we did.

Many of our guests were searching for Hood River RV parks when they discovered us. Instead of commuting back and forth to fish the three-rivers area they decided to stay here and save gas money. Fishermen particularly appreciate our fish cleaning station. There are no nasty fish smells. Fish parts go down our commercial garbage disposal, not into a smelly dumpster. If a small park in a quiet, natural setting with short drives to unbeatable fishing sounds good to you, you’ll love the Rufus RV Park.
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If you are searching for a Columbia River RV park, go a few more miles east and stay in the middle of the best fishing in Oregon. The Rufus RV Park is only a half-mile from the Columbia River boat ramp, five miles from the John Day River and twelve miles from the Deschutes River. The three-rivers fishing is great and the vistas are spectacular.
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You’ll find great windsurfing on the Columbia River a few miles west of the Rufus RV Park. If you want to avoid the party scene in the campgrounds, and you’re considering Columbia River RV parks, you’ll find the Rufus RV Park a perfect fit.


In real estate, what makes a successful property is summed up in three words: location, location, location. Well, location sums up one of the best reasons to choose the Rufus RV Park over all the other Columbia River RV parks. As has been mentioned the Columbia River boat ramp is only a half-mile away, the John Day River is five miles and the Deschutes River is twelve. Other nearby venues include the Maryhill Winery (12 miles). They feature a summer concert series you’ll want to take in. The Maryhill Museum (11 miles) is a must see. It’s eight miles to Stonehenge. Deschutes State Park is twelve miles, Celilo Park is eight, and LePage Park is five. The Oregon Raceway is only thirty minutes away in Grass Valley. No other Columbia River RV park or Hood River RV park is as centrally located to great three rivers fishing and all these venues.

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