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The Columbia River RV Park located between the Deschutes and John Day and Rivers
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We have 58 spaces, all with full hook-ups. Both 30 and 50 amp sites are available. Power is included. We can accommodate rigs up to sixty-five feet and have the width for most slide outs. Most spaces have lawns.


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Rufus Three Rivers Fishing Tips

We’re not just another Columbia River RV park or Hood River RV park. We want to be your park when you go fishing in the three rivers area, so we're going to help you with your fishin'. Here are a few tips to make your stay more successful and enjoyable:

Columbia River

  • sturgeonSturgeon: Find a deep hole and drop your bait. Chunks of shad are best.

  • Salmon/steelhead: Troll plugs like Kwikfish or Wigglewarts. Firetiger and blue/silver are good colors. Using prawn spinners at the mouths of rivers and along cliffs can produce good results.

  • Walleye: Work a worm crawler or other worm rig along cliffs and through holes.

  • Bass: Pumpkinseed colored twisttail jigs or motoroil colored crawfish softbait worked around islands and rocks can be killer good. Also roostertails and feather jigs can be effective.

  • Crappie: Use yellow, white, or yellow/white crappie jigs tipped with worms in coves and around grass beds.

  • Bluegill and perch: Just float a worm under a bobber or use a small beetlespin or similar spinner in coves and calmer areas.

Deschutes River


  • Salmon/Steelhead: Driftbaits such as corkie and yarn can produce when drifted through slots and holes. Also, spinners like Vibrax blue fox and spoons like Dick Nites in slots and runs might make you smile! Good colors are chartruese/silver and orange/silver. Be careful when using bait as it is only legal in select areas of the river. Always consult your regulations!

  • Trout: The Deschutes River is considered a world-class flyfishing stream. There are many different kinds of opportunities and areas in which to fish. One of my favorites is to drift a nymph or black/red/white stimulator through slots and riffles. Small spoons like Mepps and Panther Martins can be really good too!

  • Mountain whitefish: Primarily a winter month fishery, mountain whitefish are caught in the same waters as trout. A small brown or orange fly tipped with a mealworm or maggot and drifted through runs and shallower holes can be especially effective.

John Day River

  • steelheadSteelhead: The John Day River is a great steelhead fishery in the fall and is a wonderful place to float a prawn under a bobber. Make sure the eyes are down! Troll plugs here too.

  • Bass: This is a wonderful smallmouth bass fishery! There are portions of this river that you can drift and catch a fish on almost every cast! Many tactics work here! Experiment! Try new things! All the standards like roostertails and small spinners will work. The old standard worm is always a winner.

  • Channel cats: There is a nice population of channel catfish in this river, especially in the lower river. Use bait like nightcrawlers or chicken livers. You never know. You might catch a twenty pounder! There are big ones here!

When fishing always remember to experiment with different tactics and have a good time. Remember to consult your regulations and have fun. Good luck!



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